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Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Black (739617-5110)

Connection: Bluetooth,  Mirco-B USB, 3.5mm jack
Sound 360 degrees
Integrated voice mic
IPX4 waterproof standard

Price: 8,490,000 (Included VAT)

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Connection: Bluetooth,  Mirco-B USB, 3.5mm jack
Sound 360 degrees
Integrated voice mic
IPX4 waterproof standard

The compact design, handy

The gray Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker has an eye-catching, high-end appearance, designed to be perfect for outdoor entertainment. Outer shell  with high-class aluminum luxury, high strength and elasticity, good impact resistance, good water resistance. Portable speaker, compact design, convenient to move, take with you to listen to music anytime, anywhere, ideal for travel, outdoor games .

Sound alive

The gray Bose Soundlink Revolve loudspeaker has extreme sound quality, a powerful sound amplifier creates  a wide-spread, 360-degree sound that is suitable for crowded gatherings, outdoor music parties. In addition, Bose uses a proprietary  “pressure trap” technology that suppresses distortion, so that the sound emits uniformity in all directions, with deep, rich bass, which is the element that helps the speaker. This becomes sublimation.

Quickly connect bluetooth

A favorite user feature of the gray Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker is the ability to quickly and conveniently connect wirelessly via music devices such as smartphones and tablets … ready to serve your music quickly. and convenience.  And Bose Connect – which means you can connect and switch between multiple devices and especially combine two Soundlink Revolve speakers into a mini stereo system with a clear three-dimensional sound stage sharp and lively. You will have real emotions that are cheerful with your friends in your own music party.

Long time to use

With the gray Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker, users will be more satisfied with their choice. The Bose portable speaker is equipped with an extremely “Lithium” Lithium-ion battery so you can enjoy music continuously for 12 hours at a time. It’s convenient to carry away without worrying about interrupting the sound because the battery runs out in the middle.

Absolute waterproof design

You like to take part in outdoor activities, dance the dance with the music in the pool but fear that your speakers will be soaked in water, damaging the soft devices in the speakers, making the sound quality and time use The use of speakers decreases. With the gray Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker, whether you’re listening to music indoors or outdoors, you can rest easy knowing that waterproof Bluetooth speakers are IPX4 compliant.


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