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Nút tai chặn tiếng ồn Bose Sleepbuds (785593-0050)

A new solution to block noise
An application that helps to rest better
Design brings comfort

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A new solution to block noise
An application that helps to rest better
Design brings comfort

The Bose Sleepbuds noise button looks like tiny headphones, but the Bose sleepbuds ™ noise-blocking earplugs are designed specifically for sleep. The headset does not play music or has the ability to suppress acoustic noise. But headphones use soothing sounds that are available to block unwanted night noise and pat your sleep.

Finally you can sleep well.

We all experienced it. The nights of awakening because of annoying sounds, such as snoring, loud traffic, screaming neighbors make you wake up. We decided to do something and from there the sleepbuds button has built-in noise blocking technology. With a comfortable design, these authentic wireless sleepbuds provide a unique built-in sound that blocks unwanted noise and puts you to sleep. Thanks to this preeminent design and features, you can awaken with energy filled and ready to welcome a new day.

A new solution that blocks unwanted noise

Instead of playing live music, the Bose sleepbuds earplugs provide a soft sound that blocks unwanted noise at night. Although we were the first company to advocate the use of proactive noise reduction technology, we discovered that noise suppression technology is a better solution for sleep. This technology can block a variety of sounds that wake you up, especially noise-based frequencies. All you hear is the soothing sound that helps you sleep well.

An application that helps to rest better

Just sleeping is very difficult. Therefore, we designed the Bose Sleep application to help you easily set up and customize sleep settings. Just download the app, choose a quiet sound, select the volume level and determine how long you want to use the sleepbuds in the night. Use the same settings for every night or try different options to find out which sounds are right for you. You can also use the Bose Sleep application to set an alarm only you can hear.

Design brings comfort

No ears are identical. That’s why we take the score from a three-dimensional scan of the ear shape and use that value to create small earplugs that are just a little bigger than a bean. The sleepbuds earpiece has 3 StayHear + Sleep (S / M / L) sizes and is designed with flexible wings that fit well into the upper ear live. The sleepbud ear button will be fixed comfortably in your ears all night long.

ut getting it right in your ears is important for the performance of headphones. So, before you rub your head into the pillow or straighten it and wrap the blanket in your body, watch the support video to make sure the headset is just right in your ear.


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