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Tucano Shake Cover Iph Xs/X Color Pink

  • Unique design of designer Alessandro Mendini, fashion style Milano (Italy).
  • Size: 7.7 x 15 x 1 cm
  • Compatible: Iphone X / Xs and Xs Max
  • Colors: Colleen Blue, Colleen Pink
  • The surface is designed by semi-rigid polycarbonate plastic material, anti-fall.
  • Edge cladding with TPU plastic
  • The inside has a TPE shockproof structure
  • Products include: IPhone cover

Price: 640,000 512,000 (Included VAT)

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Compatible: Iphone X / Xs and Xs Max
Semi-rigid polycarbonate plastic material, resistant to breakage.
Edge cladding with TPU plastic
The inside has a TPE shockproof structure

Nowadays, as the demand for smartphones increases with Apple’s high-end products, consumers are more interested in finding quality accessories to protect the safety of their customers

Approaching the needs and tastes of consumers, the famous Italian fashion brand Tucano has launched Tucano Shake shockproof case with 2 versions for iPhone X / Xs & IPhone Xs Max in the Atelier collection. Mendini Tucano was designed by renowned artist Alessandro Mendini.

Alessandro Mendini is a famous Italian architect, designer, artist and art critic. Meanwhile, Tucano is a famous brand from the fashion capital of Milano, specializing in producing all kinds of backpacks and bags for laptops with classic and European-style style. The combination of both created the Tucano Shake fashion line – a talented publication by the Italian architect. Tucano calls this the abstract, colorful, intense and vivid geometric design.

Referring to Tucano, the products are not only carefully invested by manufacturers in terms of aesthetics, fashion, and creativity, but Tucano’s team also invests to make its products become a brand. Reputation meets the stringent quality requirements according to European standards.

IPhone case is a new product in the Tucano Shake collection that is loved by young people with its unique and unique personality.

The back cover is made of beautiful, modern, attractive, ultra-thin TPU material with designs designed by talented artist Alessandro Mendini. Besides, this special plastic also helps the case becomes compact, fits the phone body tightly, creating a solid feeling when holding.

In addition, Tucano Shake Case also has special ability to help prevent shock, waterproof, good strength & minimize scratches for your high-end iPhone.

Tucano Shake Case for iPhone X / Xs or Xs Max with two personality colors Collen Pink & Collen Blue brings fresh, dynamic and energetic features for a long day of fun, study and work.



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