Unleash the Power of Apple Products in Your Classroom: Workshop Training for Educators

Unleash the Power of Apple Products in Your Classroom: Workshop Training for Educators.



Explores the broad applications and utility of the iPad as a classroom teaching device. Practical instruction provides strategies and skills for effective classroom integration.

Are you ready to:

  • Revolutionize your classroom with the power of Apple technology?
  • Ditch the frustration and seamlessly integrate technology into your curriculum?
  • Spark creativity and engagement in your students?

Our interactive workshop equips educators with the essential skills and knowledge to:

  • Master iPad functionalities like Split View, Screen Capture, and Quick Notes for efficient lesson delivery.
  • Leverage powerful apps like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, and GarageBand to create interactive learning experiences.
  • Integrate technology with the TPACK framework to enhance student learning outcomes.
  • Foster a dynamic and collaborative classroom environment where students can actively participate, create, and share.

Imagine a classroom where students are excited to learn, actively involved, and reaching their full potential. That's the power of Apple technology in your hands.



Learn With iPad Work shop For Teachers.

Type Title Description Duration 
 Apple Teacher Free, self-directed learning in the Apple Education Community. Earn badges to become an Apple Teacher. Educators earn Apple Teacher recognition and building skills for using iPad, Mac, and Apple apps like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, and GarageBand. Educators choose an iPad or Mac path and earn badges by taking interactive quizzes.3h-6h 
Day 1 Learning with iPad Learn productivity tools teachers most need to start teaching with the iPad in the classroom. Learn how to use Split View, Screen Capture, Quick Notes, Markup, translate, and accessibility features. Each tool and app presented will work across the curriculum. We will also showcase the use of Apple Classroom. Through this workshop, teachers will see how content, pedagogy, and technology work hand-in-hand.6h 
Day 2 Technology Integration with iPadsLearn how to integrate technology with the TPACK framework. Engage and deepen student learning using your content, your pedagogy, and the iPad in all curricular areas.6h 
Day 3 iPads for EngagementNow that you’ve had the opportunity to learn the basics of iPads in the classroom, we will explore different ways iPads can engage your students in learning. Learn how students can animate in Keynote, engage through Pages, develop inspiration boards in Freeform, and storytelling in Clips.6h 
Day 4 iPads for Creativity Creativity is one of the top soft skills employers will be looking for in their future employees. Develop those creative skills through videos, photography, podcasting, and music. Learn how to use several apps to increase the complexity and students’ creativity, such as using a green screen in iMovie and adding photos and music from GarageBand. Students can also create podcasts with sound effects and music.6h 


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