(ENG) BYO (Bring Your Own) PROGRAM

The BYO (Bring Your Own) program is a joint initiative between Futureworld and Apple to support Schools in providing Apple devices for their Students & Faculty members. This is designed to serve their learning needs. Apple devices have always been known for their collaboration and ease of use features. With this program, Futureworld will offer special student rates to eligible students. Students can choose and purchase from 1 Mac and/or 1 iPad model per calendar year.

To be eligible, the school needs to have a published BYO Policy that has been communicated to both students and parents. If you want to discuss this further, or embark on your BYO program for your school, contact Futureworld today for a free consultation.


BYO Program offers at Futureworld


Macbook Air - Discount 5%



Macbook Pro - Discount 5%


iPad (all generation) - Discount 3%


iPad mini - Discount 5%


iMac - Discount 3%


Students & Teachers can purchase devices through our online store as well as at our retail stores.


Current listed schools for this program:


The ABC International School (A.B.C.I.S)

British International School (Ho Chi Minh City)

British Vietnamese International School (Ha Noi)

British Vietnamese International School (Ho Chi Minh City)

Concordia International School (Ha Noi)

Edu Talk (IELTS Mentor Education Limited Liability)

Saigon South International School (SSIS)

United Nations International School (Ha Noi)

Vietnamese Australian International School (VAS)

Australian International School (AIS)

European International School (EIS)


Fill out the form below & our Futureworld Team will contact you to discuss this program.

Or contact us at BYO@futureworld.com.vn

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Students & Teachers could buy the device through Online store as well as at our retail outlets mentioned below.

For schools that want to join the BYO Program, or have inquires on the details & requirements, please contact us today at BYO@futureworld.com.vn. The Futureworld team can share all the necessary details and assist your school in onboarding.


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