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By leveraging Apple products, enterprise organizations enhance their efficiency, productivity and security. The increasing reliance on mobility among large organizations is driven by the need to meet employees' expectations for flexible work arrangements using advanced devices. Futureworld aids enterprise organizations in achieving their goals, while simultaneously providing substantial savings in overall business expenses.



Why enterprise organizations choose Apple?

Having access to advanced technology directly influences employees' work experience and a positive experience results in improved business outcomes. This encompasses increased employee engagement, improved customer experience, decreased security vulnerabilities, and lowered expenses.





Employee PreferenceEasy to DeployEnhanced Security
Having a preference for organizations that use Apple products increases staff retention rate by 20% and reduces start-up times by 80%.By utilizing Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management, you can effortlessly distribute and oversee Apple devices on a global scale.Apple products are designed with built-in security measures for system, app, and data protection, ensuring the safety and security of company data.



Employee Choice

By harnessing the capabilities of Apple hardware, the user-friendly interface of macOS and iPadOS, and a wide range of top-notch productivity and creativity apps, Apple devices have the potential to significantly boost efficiency across various business sectors.

Enterprises have the opportunity to empower their employees by allowing them to select the most suitable device for their role through our Employee Choice program.

Typically, employers will allocate a predetermined budget to each staff member. This budget can be used by employees to either select a device or put the equivalent value towards purchasing an Apple product of their preference. However, employees need to pay the additional amount if the chosen equipment exceeds the original value.


So sánh MacBook Air 15 inch và MacBook Air M1 (ảnh 1)


Zero Touch Deployment

Managing your Apple devices is a breeze. With zero touch deployment, you can effortlessly set up device configurations without even needing to remove your tech from the box. This feature is particularly useful for remotely onboarding new staff members. Additionally, over-the-air management enables you to wirelessly push apps and settings to your devices.

Apple Business Manager is an invaluable tool that empowers your IT team with seamless deployment capabilities through zero touch. With Apple Device Enrolment readily accessible, your team can effortlessly kickstart their operations with just a single touch.




Bring Apple to your business


Empower your workforce with Apple products seamlessly. 

Equip your business with the cutting-edge tools it needs, whenever the need arises.

media.productreivew.imagealternatetextformatMacBook Pro M2 16 inch M2 Max 32GB 1TB - Xử lý mượt mà mọi tác vụmedia.productreivew.imagealternatetextformat
Macbook Pro M3
Macbook Pro M2 16"
Supercharged with
M2 and M2 Max.
Macbook Pro M2 14"
Supercharged with
M2 and M2 Max.
media.productreivew.imagealternatetextformatmedia.productreivew.imagealternatetextformatẢnh của Mac mini M2 (10-Core GPU| 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD)
Macbook Air 15"
Impressively big.
Impossibly thin.
iMac 24"
Packed with more juice.
Mac Mini
More muscle.
More hustle.



How Futureworld can support your Business


Futureworld provides a comprehensive suite of services to seamlessly integrate Apple products into your business operations. We collaborate closely with your management, staff, and technical teams to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.


Engage a Specialist
Our team of business specialists collaborates with organizations to develop customized technology programs that encompass the financial, workflow and technical aspects of each project.
Online Procurement
By utilizing our organization account, your company can conveniently request quotes and make online orders for Apple products and accessories. Additionally, you will have access to exclusive business discounts offered across the entire Futureworld catalogue.
Affordable Apple Devices
Apple devices are more affordable with Futureworld as we support you with Leasing options, Trade in which helps purchasing in bulk more budget-friendly for enterprises.

Apple Tools for
IT and Deployment

Apple has developed robust tools specifically designed for businesses, offering comprehensive IT support throughout the entire deployment process. These tools, including Federated Authentication, enable you to efficiently streamline the deployment of iPad and Mac devices.
Deployment Methodology
and Device Management

Jamf Pro serves as a robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, empowering you with complete control over your Apple devices. This includes device management, app deployment, and self-service options, ensuring efficient management of your Apple estate.
Onsite and Remote
Technical Support

Having a reliable point of contact for any technical issues that may arise after deployment is crucial. Our team of technicians is available to provide on-site or remote support, ensuring seamless assistance for your team.

Get in touch with our team about the right solution for your institution.

Contact us: dep@futureworld.com.vn

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